Tarot Saturday 11: Judgement & The World

Pieter Brugel, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (c. 1555). Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels.

Hey crew, today’s post marks the end of our Tarot Saturday series, in which we explored more deeply the meanings of each of the 22 Major Arcana cards. We wrap everything up with the Judgement and The World cards, and I think that the painting above by Pieter Bruegel aptly summarizes the combined energies of these two cards. Our human endeavours (no matter how great or ambitious) are eventually drowned in the constant flow of life. In the big picture our grand achievements are infinitessimal, so you might as well live from the heart and do as you please since life will inevitably move on without you. There is something hopeful and tragic in this modest approach, much like the enlivening energy of our Judgement card and the expansive energy of our World card. Have a look below at the compilation of the notes I made while studying the booklets of my 13 tarot decks, and see what new insights you might uncover about these two cards. I hope this serves you well in your own divination practice!

Judgement (linked to Pluto)

The Judgement card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • The card of releasing the past, a wake-up call, a profound epiphany, finding your place in the world and discovering your calling. A sign of redemption, a need to forgive yourself so you can let go of negativity. In the Chinese Tarot, this card depicts Confucius, whose work described themes such as morality, duty, benevolence, justice and wisdom.
  • When this card shows up, the ability to exercise understanding and forgiveness is emphasized. It heralds for a change to be recognized, an improvement, a completion, motivation and inspiration. The Angel plays the trumpet to announce the arrival of a new life, following on from the awakening of your consciousness (some considered this Angel to be Gabriel, while others think it represents Sandalphon). When this card appears in your spread it is an indication to assess your path and understand that what you have chosen in the past, has led you to your present situation. Judgement is always a moment of spiritual enlightenment.
  • Beyond the battlefield there is a place of silence and harmony, of hope and forgiveness. Completing a conflict but neither through victory and also not through surrender. Past mistakes are behind you now, as this card heralds a new beginning. The necessary conditions of renewal have been laid out, so follow them with a self-critical yet conciliatory approach. Take accountability for your actions.
  • The liberation of something we kept closed and isolated; leave the coffin, step out of the muck, even if leaving things behind brings about a fear of failure, you are now getting your second chance.
  • Judgement also represents a call to express your vocation, after you have pondered over your situation – act rapidly now and indulge whatever desire for new life is awakening within you (think of this card in combination with the Chariot for an interesting perspective)

Imagine you could open your eyes to see only the good in every person, the positive in every circumstance, and the opportunity in every challenge.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe
A 4-minute video I created describing this card my YT channel ‘The Spiritual Social

The World (linked to Saturn)

The World card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • Often, this card appears as the Universe in other tarot decks, symbolizing victory, prosperity, wholeness and completion. This card marks the end of the Major Arcana, and its energy is powerful since it is the energetic summation of all the previous 21 cards. It symbolizes an open-ended conclusion, one that allows a potential beginning to emerge out of the closing of an important cycle. The character in the center of the card represents the perfect being, the dancer who balances the cosmic forces to create a holistic approach to life.
  • When the World appears, it is a sign to embrace the lessons you have learned in life, so far. It is a call to balance the emotional / spiritual / mental / physical realms of your life and once this balance is achieved, then work to maintain it throughout life (it’s easier said than done, right? 😊). The Chinese Tarot depicts this card as Kuan Yin, the goddess of salvation, who leads people from the gutter to the stars.
  • Even if everything seems complete and perfect as it is, don’t be afraid to shake things up to see what new pattern will emerge from your actions. The birth of perfection, as the human and the divine come together as one and spirit and body proceed together. An integration of all the fixed 4 elements (water, fire, air and earth). The successful end of your journey (imagine this card showing up in combination with the Sun!) & looking onto bolder horizons.
  • Ending where you began, facing for one last time all the obstacles you had to overcome; a deeper sense of life’s meaning and your part within it; a hard-fought journey. Total realization, expansion and achievement.
  • Encouragement to not give up and to not be afraid. The road you have taken is indeed the right one and whatever difficulty you encounter will be short-lived and will ultimately offer you the desired results.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

Mahatman Gandhi
A 4-minute video I created describing this card my YT channel ‘The Spiritual Social

In your own divination practice, you can adapt the meanings of these two cards according to the themes of the spread used. They can be used in a career, love or spiritual development reading – the point is to let them stimulate your imagination. Reversed cards are to me just blocked energy, so feel free to use your psychic abilities to energetically unblock these two cards. As you unlock these two Major Arcanas, simply feel the power and deep inner knowledge that is available to you. Enjoy!

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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