Tarot Saturday 9: The Tower & The Star

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Hey lunar beams! We continue to explore the deeper meaning of the Major Arcana in this post, by analyzing the Tower and the Star Cards. The energies of these two cards are complementary and taken together they remind us that after any misfortune in life, there is always renewed hope. Please have a look below at the compilation of the notes I made while studying the booklets of my 13 tarot decks, and see what new insights you might uncover about these two cards. I hope this serves you well in your own divination practice!

The Tower (linked to Mars)

The Tower card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • This card is dramatic – it represents an unforeseen trauma which takes place fast. Externally, this card is associated with a complete and sudden change, a violent act, being thrown out, being fired or suddenly losing a person or finding out some shocking news. This happened to alert you that the structures you built are not as stable as you believed they were, so expect the unexpected. The tower makrs the shattering of certainty and of the need to live with what you thought was necessary.
  • Internally, it is about changing one’s opinion and breaking down old beliefs, severing relationships, and a renewal after the destruction of old forms. The Tower shows that too much pressure has been building up, and this is the breaking point that finally makes everything erupt. The lightning represented in the card is about a release from delusions and mysteries.
  • Depending of which other cards surround this influence, the Tower is about inner & pent-up energy that explodes on the outside or external pent-up energy that affect our inner perceptions of ourselves and of reality.
  • The Tower is intense because it is a sign of upheaval and ruin. It marks the end of complacency. It is traumatic, because abrupt change happens before you could prepare for them. However, even if events feel fated, you do have a choice about how to proceed in the after-math.
  • In a sexual tarot reading, the tower can signify an erect penis, but one which comes with an inconsistent level of excitement and might peter out as fast as it erm…arose.
  • What you have resisted this far is about to explode and emerge out into the world. A sense of being overcrowded and overwhelmed. As difficult as it is to go against the current, this strategy is necessary to receive sudden illumination. Otherwise a violent separate looms, a true catastrophe, an expulsion that gives birth to a crisis. Keep in mind, the crisis can generate new life, just as a supernova that explodes and in the process gives birth to new stars.
  • The Tower in its most positive interpretation is about unblocking energy; just like the Elephant spirit, that can release obstacles and run through any blockade, so is the Tower card an energetic anti-pressure valve. This card is associated with Mars, the ruler of the primal Fire Sign, Aries. Fire burns away the old forms and all useless conditions – only what matters remains.

I survived because the fire inside of me burned brighter than the fire outside of me.

A 4-minute video I created describing this card my YT channel ‘The Spiritual Social

The Star (linked to Aquarius)

The Star card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • Hope springs eternal, a sign of a very good omen and that you are on the right path for you. It comes right after the Tower and shows how after a difficult time of change, relief follows. After the storm comes sunshine, a sign of recognition and self-confidence.
  • The gift of premonition, a vehicle of light, optimism and spiritual love. Have faith in divine guidance and trust your own intuition. The flowing of water from the naked vestal’s pitcher gives wisdom and life to the world and activates the subconscious. Continue with your endeavor knowing that the more you give, the more you will receive.
  • Receptivity, altruism and fertility. The Star card shows the action of irrigating the world, which was once parched. The action of reconciling opposites. Carnality which does not arouse disgust but a feeling of protectiveness and openness to the world, a beautiful vulnerability. Finding fulfillment in life’s simple pleasures.
  • An indication that you are right where you need to be, your goals are within reach and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Grief and despair are released. You are an integrated part of the universe’s song of hope and beauty – you belong. In the Chinese Tarot the Star card depicts the God of Longevity.

I dwell in possibility.

Emily Dickinson
A 4-minute video I created describing this card my YT channel ‘The Spiritual Social

In your own divination practice, you can adapt the meanings of these two cards according to the theme of the spreads used. They can be used in a career, love or spiritual development reading – the point is to let them stimulate your imagination. Reversed cards are to me just blocked energy, so feel free to use your divination abilities to energetically unblock these two cards. As you unlock these two Major Arcanas, simply feel the power and deep inner knowledge that is available to you. Enjoy!

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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