Tarot Saturday 5: Strength & The Hermit

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Hey all, another Satur(n)day, another tarot post about the deeper meanings of the Major Arcana cards 🙂 Today we are focusing on two cards that usually describe the support available to the human soul when it has reached a ‘dark night’ phase in its spiritual development: Strength and The Hermit. I think as well that these two cards go so well with the overall transformative energy of 2020. Below is a compilation of the notes I made, while studying the booklets of my 13 tarot decks <3. Hope they can help inspire your divination practice!

Strength (linked to Leo)

The Strength card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • Represents endurance & going the distance. Allowing Spirit to move through you will help you become strong enough to move mountains. In the situation you are asking about, this is an indication to work with gentle persuasion and perseverance to solve the problem.
  • More boradly this card speaks of the themes of building trust, courage and overcoming desire; having faith in your own capacity and being fully yourself, being honest and without masks; enthusiasm, passion and brilliance; ownership, acting in a slow and steady, honest manner; and finally, expanding consciousness through personal effort. This is the ‘I take my destiny in my own hands’ type of energy.
  • Can be a sign of reconciliation and softening up emotionally; if you allow yourself to be overcomed by affection, than you are able to tame brute force and stop violence (imagine the emotional outburst described by this card together with the Lovers, in a love spread <3)
  • The Shadow aspect of this card is that what you seek to control might end up controlling you! You are asked to be defiant, zealous and resolute, embodying the Hero archetype (this is the Hercules card). Do not back down because you are fighting the good fight. This card symbolizes the forces of good overcoming evil, a sign of emerging inner goodness. True strength comes from human compassion and acceptance; defending the weak.
  • A sign that you need to remain patient and acknowledge things as they are; this acceptance liberates. This card can also represent a strong sexual force, the kingdom of the physical, a piercing desire that needs to be controlled (imagine this card in combination with the Devil, in a sexual spread!). Control the animal nature within, and channel this force towards something new.
  • In the Gaia Tarot this card is depicted as the Death/Rebirth card and it speaks about mustering up the energy to sustain your Spirit during a gradual process of transformation. Use your own hands to create your destiny, and enact fortitude. Knowing and doing what is right, is based upon knowing your own soul very well. Direct every movement in your endeavour with the strength of your heart.
  • NOTE: In some tarot decks (for inexplicable reasons) the number of the Strength card is switched with the number of the Justice card. So you might find that the Strength card is nr. 8 in some decks, and 11 in other decks (and viceversa with the Justice card).

Stand up straight and realize who you are. That you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God.

Maya Angelou
A 4-minute video I created describing this card my YT channel ‘The Spiritual Social’

The Hermit (linked to Virgo)

The Hermit card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • In ancient times, scholars often retreated in the remote places to study or create art. When this card appears it is a clear indication that you must withdraw from social life in order to reflect, process your emotions, meditate and reconnect with yourself. But be aware that you can never hide from yourself, if you thought the journey away from society will calm your mind. So this a sign to make peace within, by practicins self-forgiveness.
  • The card of the introvert, describing research and solitary investigation. It depicts a self-made outcast, and can also represent secrecy, concealment and disguise (imagine this card together with the Moon in a reading!). However, this social retreat needs to be for self-consideration and not used to run away from problems. Use this self-created solitude to study and analyse deeply what is not working in your life, and only after some answers have been found then return to help others.
  • Denotes sacrifice without regret, self-care, a slow evolution in a rather long period of silence and removal. Prudence, someone who silently walks with us and illuminates our path until we reach the light of the Sun (imagine this with the Sun card in a tarot spread!).
  • This card also speaks of a natural and profound presence, a person who is able to reflect on the past, present and future to create an awareness of what exists on the fourth plane (the 4D, or the realm of synchronicity & time).
  • I see the Hermit as a medicine man as well, a shaman who is more in touch with nature and more independent than the sacerdotal Hierophant, but is also less confident than the Magician. To my mind, the Hermit is the true counterpart of the High Priestess, since they are both bookworms 😉
  • An indication that introspection is necessary for growth. When you take a step back to re-group you gain a new perspective on life (imagine this card in combination with the Hanged Man in a spread!) So find your own truth – you actually hold the light of truth in your hands so you are never lost. You might find that what you seek is taking you in a new direction.
  • Adopting an ascetic lifestyle to distract yourself from illusions or temptations. Accepting that part of the growth/healing process involves the anguish of pain and the sadness of loneliness. Can also represent a withdrawal and emotional regression experienced after a traumatic event.
  • Associated with the Knowledge card in the Gaia Tarot. Knowledge supports life, because it enables you to survive, to work and earn a living and to take care of your body and your everyday matters. Ask yourself “Where is your knowledge taking you? Can this learning be applied into practice?”

Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn and to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit, for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong.

Albert Einstein
A 4-minute video I created describing this card my YT channel ‘The Spiritual Social’

Adapt the meanings of these two cards according to the theme of the tarot spreads used. This card will give you different insights according to whether you are doing a career, love or spiritual development reading. Reversed cards are to me just blocked energy, so feel free to use your divination abilities to energetically unblock these two cards. Then simply feel the power and deep inner knowledge that is available to you as you unlock these two Major Arcanas. Enjoy!

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

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