Tarot Saturday 4: The Lovers & The Chariot

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My lovely crew, here we are again on a beautiful, sunlit Satuday studying the meanings of the Major Arcana cards 🙂 Today we are focusing on a card of action and one of unconditional love: The Lovers and the Chariot. Below is a compilation of the notes I made while perusing the booklets of my 13 tarot decks <3. Hope they can help inspire your divination practice!

The Lovers (linked to Gemini)

The Lovers card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • This beautiful card represents the unity within oneself that comes after the spiritual change enacted by the Hierophant. A choice is offered to you now that could change everything, so you are encouraged to follow your heart and choose the path of love. This card is about moral choices, an indication of soul mates approaching and of other relationships that help you grow and support you. A good omen. The Lovers is number 6 in the Major Arcana, and 6 is the number of Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.
  • The Lovers symbolically represents unconditional love, beauty, peace and harmony; the unlimited potential of positive, unrestrained feelings. It reminds us that true love is a deep sense of belonging in the world and of finding peace in it. A sign of creativity, faithfulness and vitality. The image depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Heaven, surrounded by the protective energy of Archangel Michael. There is also a snake is present which represents Lucifer, and denotes the transformative power of relationships – they can help us ascend to greater heights or they can destroy us. Keep in mind that this card in Tarot is the version of the Light of the Devil card, and represents the peaceful side of love rather than the passionate and obsessive side of human love.
  • So this is about loving without possession, obligations or control. Allow yourself to receive the blessings of an angel, and thereby strengthen your bond with someone. Choose the harder path in life, because it will lead to love. A sign that you are finally ready to do what you like and work at what you love. A moment of altruism, meetings, enhancing your social life and starting something new.
  • Take the opportunity which is offered, and show some real proof of passion; joining and separating. In the Chinese tarot, this card shows an image of twin lotus flowers, bats and a toad, all which are natural signs of a happy marriage. In the Gaia Tarot, the Lovers are symbolically represented by the Crone, a wise and wild woman with untapped power and potential, and one who is aware of her choices.
  • The Lovers is about allowing yourself to give and receive abundant love, seeing that separation between your Self and the Other, is only an illusion; so choose to see the unity of all things and watching how magic abounds. This card shows that you can be comfortable with yourself and your lover and that there is no need for artifice and pretence.
  • So this card is not only about attraction but also acceptance, and a general lack of judgement in relations which leads to inclusion and perfection. Being in accord with someone else is important since love is the glue that holds everything together. Finally, the Lovers shows us the beautiful fusion which emerges when we merge masculine energy with feminine energy and create something whole and completely new. 

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it

e.e. cummings

The Chariot (linked to Cancer)

The Chariot card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • The Chariot is a powerful card and it’s meaning is linked to the philosophical work of Plato, who in his dialogue to Phaedrus, used the allegory of the chariot to explain the tripartite nature of the human soul or psyche. The chariot is pulled by two winged horses, one dark and one white, the former showing the lower instincts of humans and the latter showing the civilized and cultured growth of mankind. The third part is the Charioter, who uses his skill to gain mastery over both horses. To Plato the charioteer symbolizes reason, and it is an indication that we need to learn to apply reason to balance opposing forces in life: the white horse with the dark horse (our well-breeding with our ill-breeding).
  • Symbolically, this card shows growing maturity and self-control, and the exercise of our willpower to take control and launch forward into the future. This is the ‘I know what I want and I am going to get it’ card 🙂
  • When this card appears in a tarot spread, it is a sign to get back up, after a fall. Everything you have overcome is part of your current victory! The affirmation to use with the Chariot is: “I live freely again and all aspects of my life brought me to this point in time”.
  • The Chariot is number 7 in the Major Arcana, the number of spirituality and the number of the 7 planets in our solar system that move around the elliptic. So keep an open heart and know that you are in control of your own spiritual journey, even as you follow the guidance of Spirit.
  • This card marks a new and engaging phase of your life that will see your efforts repaid. In the Gaia Tarot this card is The Sage, which is about finding wise and communicative ways to engage with your audience.
  • The Chariot represents conscious intent, action, travel and movement, an inventive solution, a breakthrough, a journey into a new place, or boldly setting forth into the unknown. A clear sign that you should continue forward. It can also mark an escape, or that you might be rushing towards a decision.
  • Remarkably, in the Chinese tarot this card portends vengeance. Taking action through antagonism (this can also be when we are spurred into action because we are triggered, so again the motion forward has to be tempered by self-control and balance).
  • Overall, the chariot is about getting those two opposing horses to run together at the same speed (so having to fine tune a relationship) by managing conflict. This is a sign to check your goals and adjust your actions accordingly. By doing so, you are guaranteed a triumph over (inner)demons, and a surge in your energy, strength and health.

In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

Robert Frost

Now, you might have noticed that I did not include the meanings of reverse cards. This is a conscious choise I made, based on my personal understanding of tarot reversals as simply blocked energy. In my view, each of the 78 tarot cards which comprise both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana have a significant meaning, and when the card appears reversed in a tarot spread, I do not see this as gaining a different meaning, but rather that the energy of the card is temporarily blocked.

I also believe that each tarot reader as an energy-worker, has the power to shift this energy and unblock it when they create personal readings for other people. Talented tarot readers are energetic alchemists, who work with energy on a daily basis and develop in time the capacity to act upon this energy rather than simply feel it or to read it. I hope that this post can inspire some of you to think differently or more deeply about the two cards presented above, or merely to trust your tarot reading abilities more.

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

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