Second Mercury Retro of 2020 in the signs of Cancer & Gemini: How to flow with this energy

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The second Mercury retrograde of this bright new decade is now upon us. It started on the 18th of June and will complete on the 12th of July. This is traditionally not a good sing to do logical, intensely rational work or to commence new deals, new financial endeavours or buy new technological gadgets. This is however, an excellent time to retreat and go on a well-deserved vacay 🙂 or if you must work, try to revise and improve content which is already available to you. You are also blessed if you replace your old mobile phone and laptop or camera equipment with something better (chances are that as soon as this energy comes in, whatever was faulty will break down anyway, so you will be energetically ‘pushed’ towards revising old apps and equipment). When a planet is retrograde we have to work twice as hard to access its energy, which flows better when the planet moves ‘directly’ on the elliptic.

But keep in mind as well that retrograde movements are simply astronomical illusions, so symbolically during a retrograde there will be a lot of ‘rosy glass-eyed’ perspectives and a lot of make-belief bubbling up to the surface. This means that you need to watch out for deception. If an idea sounds too good to be true during this period, it’s usually because it genuinely is so wait and postpone making a decision or signing, until the end of the retrograde. This is why is it good to simply pull back your energy inwards and revise, re-use, re-examine, re-locate, re-pair, re-think, re-consider – basically any verb that involves the particle ‘re’ is favoured during this period of odd-ball energy. If contracts or opportunities from the past re-emerge for one second chance, this is where your energy is best utilized – in discerning whether you can indeed pour your heart and soul into something that ‘got away’ or that you might have forgotten about.

These are more general indications for retrograde periods (whether they involve a Mercury, Venus, Saturn or Neptune retrograde, they all work in the same way: pull back your energy and go within, have patience and relax or enjoy the fruits of the hard work you did when the planetary energy was more forthcoming). However, I want to offer you below some tips on how to manifest with the current Cancer-Gemini planetary combo, since the Mercury retro ‘awakens’ through these two summery signs:

  • Apply the rule of two: Gemini represents the Twins, so the best thing to uplift yourself in this period is to ask for help, to collaborate, cooperate, and to address any emotional problems by engaging people in conversations – ones in which you are calmly listening to the other person’s point of view but can also strongly express yours. If you know you have done nothing wrong, do not back down in an argument, just kindly and politely assert yourself. With Cancer energy, it is detrimental for your health if you bottle things up, since Lunar Crabbs have strong retentive abilities.
  • Understand that it’s an up and down emotional joy ride: Cancer is the moodiest sign of the Zodiac, and can shift emotionally very quickly from joy to gloominess, just like the swift phases of the Moon. So keep in mind that this period is an emotional rollercoaster where your love of life will be followed by brooding introspection related to some past issue that comes up to your consciousness to be processed.
  • When Air meets Water energy, you have sparkling water or a taifun. Air sign Energy is electric, fun, mental, preocuppied, erratic, spontaneously serious. Gemini is flexible Air, so it’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of duality we are dealing with. This period is brilliant for insights and deep awareness into past issues in your life that are now being made obvious and communicated to all. Your dirty laudnry might be washed, dried and aired for all to see – and remarkably, you will benefit from this public purging.
  • Don’t cling to your emotions too tightly, but neither cling to your ideas too much. This will inevitably lead to conflict, since we are being taught how to reconcile oppositions in this period. Even clinging too much to reason can lead to madness in these trying times. Trust me, I grew up in a family with two Geminis and a Libra. I am familiar with how trying to cling too much to reason will make you seem mad. However, giving in too much to your feelings will make you seem like a frustrated teenager. So there is a need to search for the the middle ground. If you experiences a whirlwind of energy, take some brief moments to rest.
  • If you are working on something and it doesn’t work, you can a) sulk in frustration or b) shift your attention to another thing that you could be doing. Multi-tasking is a Gemini speciality. If having a conversation with a person bores you or irritates you, then contact a friend whom you love and vent a bit, then resume that initial boring conversation – have both conversations simultaneously or one after the other, to help you balance sides and gain some detachment from the strong feelings you might experience at this time.
  • This current energy is showing us that life is both filled with good and evil. That reason and emotions must work together, so you might find yourself unsually tired as the conscious mind wires up to our unconscious emotions. Become aware of the fact that we are both good and evil, and accept yourself with all your flaws and limtiationsd as well as with all your loveable characteristics. Most of us function as messy, colourful in-betweens so embrace ‘the gray’ areas of your life, have fun with ambiguities and the unknown!
  • Learn something new! Or write your thoughts and feelings down for some self-help work. With this energy self-therapy is strongly emphasized. If you struggle, engage in a brutally honest conversation with a friend who can help you mature emotionally. This is exactly the right time to intellectualize your emotions. You could end up creating something artistic, elegant and fun with past neuroses 🙂
  • Try doing things differently: Geminin rules socialization and the South Node is currently in the sign of freidnship and strong moral beliefs (Sagittarius). So go with the North Node flow and drop some friends and make new ones, if one activity doesn’t work, move to another, if one belief system doesn;t serve, replace it with another. And remain as emotionally detached as you can in this process, because it will make you gain a better awareness of the multiplicity and complexity of life. So if one place drains you of energy make plans to move on or move out.
  • Movement, flow, having options, changing your mind are all Air sign activities. Get the advice of a Libra, Gemini or Aquarius during these times as to how are they handling things.
  • Whatever you do, never stop being yourself. Remember Saturn in Aquarius is testing us all: How brave are you to keep being yourself in spite of all the limitations I shall place upon you? Commit again and again to what fires you up but at the same time, don’t be afraid to change your mind and say ‘I have outgrown this‘…whatever this might be (people, places or activities you used to love).
  • Laugh at life’s ridiculous heaviness during these times of transition. Yes, there are riots; yes, there is economic uncertainly; yes, there are people dying during this pandemic and the health services are in shambles – these are all heavy, serious, dramatic aspects of life. But these things have always been around us. Death and destruction is nothing new to the human race; if anything, we became better at rescuing each other and overcoming conflicts to some extent. People have always have lived and died; some always have had fun and orgasms, as others were undergoing famine and trauma. Life is a big creative mess where dharma and kharma are being perpetrated endlessly. Your good luck is another person’s bad luck (like losing and finding money unexpectedly on the street or discovering a lost engagement ring on a bathroom floor).

The best thing to do is to flow with this energy and don’t push your will-power against it. If you do, it will crush you my dear, and we need your brave heart by our sides. I hope this helped and brought some light and some clarity. Fear not, if this period is difficult, just keep in mind it is only temporary – this too shall pass 😉

For additional guidance, here is a video I made on YT which further describes this energy

With universal love,

Lexi <3

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