Tarot Saturday 1: The Fool & The Magician

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Hello everyone! If it’s Saturday, then it’s time for another post on this blog 🙂 During my lunar period of rest and study I revised my understanding of the Major Arcana cards of the tarot, to try to deepen it further. The beauty of tarot cards is that they are so rich with symbols and meanings that your interpretation of them could always be more nuanced and deeper, in the service of meaning. I’m sharing below the reflections I gained after studying the first arcana cards in any deck: The Fool and the Magician. These reflections are based in part on material I assembled from the 13 tarot companion booklets of the tarot decks I currently own.

The Fool (linked with Uranus)

The Fool card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • Represents freedom, courage, impulsivity, taking a risk, fearlessness, and the innocence of instinct
  • It denotes keeping an open mind, leaping, potential and idealism.
  • Without life experience you cannot fear life. Someone is searching for meaning, or making a choice and feeling the push to act on it before someone else does it for you.
  • A foolish, comic and pure hearted person, could represent useless daydreaming.
  • Feeling like a baby out of the womb, growing, doing the unexpected and recapturing innocence.
  • Symbolises the Aleph (the beginning, the first letter), wholeness (prior to segmentation) and is a harbinger for following your heart, march to the beat of your own drum, start walking and the path will be shown to you. You are also about to get help from the invisible realm.
  • Enthusiasm and inspiration, a spiritual being having a human experience.
  • A great flood of energy, novelty, continue on your road and travel lightly to release the baggage, determine your direction; your choices help shape you.
  • The importance of process over results, take that first step.
  • What begins in folly might end up being the most profound journey of all; connected to the Sumerian God Enki (god of water, mischief and knowledge) in the Mary-El Tarot

The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one single step.

Lao Tzu
A 4-minute video I created describing this card my YT channel ‘The Spiritual Social’

The Magician (linked to Mercury)

The Magician card in the classical Ryder-Waite Tarot, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith
  • Represents infinite wisdom (The Mobius strip above his head – which btw apears on the head of his true counterpart, the Strength card, the lady Lion Tamer). Hold a clear vision.
  • The sign of an engineer and a strategic planner. Symbolises the ambition to succeed in all endeavors; work and love as aspects of grounding life away from illusions. Magic used to cure wounds and illnesses and to acquire power and admiration; self-confidence and originality, skill and mastery especially in communication and by using the hands.
  • He is the father of all and the master of four worlds since he carries the symbols of all the four suits – these are his tools which he employs in the service of manifestation.
  • Mentorship, learning and teaching others how to manifest. Everything begins with the self, a doorway to creativity, will personified (a witch/a warlock). Blending intuition with communication. The Magician is handing you your soul (he carries Metatron’s Cube in the Mary-El Tarot).
  • A spark, the primordial fire – do not waste time: act! But carefully evaluate your objective. Alchemy, reminding that if you are aligned to Spirit you can create miracles.
  • Use all the resources at hand to manifest; a blessing! Perfect timing, talent, being very gifted. All the power you need is within you.
  • Associated with the Child in the Dream’s of Gaia (as symbols of taking delight in the moment and reminder that laughter heals)
  • Seeing the good in everything and being untouched by fear.

Nature loves courage (…) This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.

Terrence Mckenna
A 4-minute video I created describing this card my YT channel ‘The Spiritual Social’

Now, you might have noticed that I did not include the meanings of reverse cards. This is a conscious choise I made, based on my personal understanding of tarot reversals as simply blocked energy. In my view, each of the 78 tarot cards which comprise both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana has a significant meaning, and when the card is reversed I do not see this as gaining a different meanding but to me is it a case of the energy of the card is temporarily blocked.

I also believe that each tarot reader as an energy-worker, has the power to shift the energy around and unblock it, when they do a reading for someone else. Talented tarot readers are energetic alchemists, who work with energy on a daily basis and develop in time the capacity to act upon this energy rather than simply feel it or to read it. I hope that this post can inspire some of you to think differently or more deeply about the two cards presented above, or merely to trust your tarot reading abilities more.

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

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