‘Oh baby, I was so wrong’ Venus retrograde in Gemini & the NN/SN Switching Gears

This post is a little bit late, because I’ve been finding it very hard to replenish my energy lately. The quarantine meant that I lost all the opportunities I had to enjoy Spring and take my usual 1-hour walk exploring my city. It’s not the social distancing that hurts me the most during this period, because I am naturally keeping people at a distance (introvert here) but it is the restrictions imposed on my enjoyment of nature. As my Sagittarius exploratory Moon sighs that there are 4 days left until the quarantine is lifted in my region, I am reminded of the deep connection between our bodies, minds and spirit and Mother Earth – when this link is severed, everyone suffers. Protecting the Earth and Nature is protecting ourself. Our abuses of it, only show how deep we are in a battle with loving ourselves.

Starting from the pit of fear

Saturn entered Aquarius on the 23rd of March and a global health epidemic forced us to retreat indoors and just tolerate not being able to move freely or to travel, to enjoy sports or meet our friends at the local pub or eat at our local restaurants. Aquarius is the sing opposite Leo, so everything related to what the Lion rules over, is currently restricted: stage performances, public gatherings, beauty and self-care management, weddings and celebrations, sports arenas and theatre and love (all that kissing, touching, embracing <3).

So instead of going ‘Leo’ on things 🙂 we are all indoors on the Internet and connecting with the help of our Neptune in Aquarius era gadgets (iPhones, smartphones, laptops and tablets) in the best way we can: from a spectrum of ‘I’m loving this introvert spree and I’m creating and keeping hopeful‘ to the final point on the line ‘Doomsday is coming! I’m stressed out with fear and self-medicating‘. Generally, these are uncertain, fearful and isolating times for us all, as the energy is kept in tension by Uranus’s electric and spontaneous transit through the sign of stability, Taurus.

Imagine the most unstable planet in the most stable, Earth-bound sign. This basically means that we are all indoors watching how the global economy receives shock after shock due to the warped decisions of global leaders who, temporarily removed from their own power plays (Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn) must sharply manage a quick-spreading humanitarian crisis with not clear national borders. In addition, we see how Nature fares better when we slow production down. But is human work and productivity so deeply antagonistic to our responsibility of protecting the planet? Must we continue to abuse it in order to thrive? Or can we achieve a balance between self-indulgence and self-restraint, not only by mining or using the resources of the planet, but also making sure we can nurture them and be patient with the natural rhythm of its growth? Saturn in Aquarius is hard at play, ensuring that we keep equality front and center, and these questions are here to stay on our minds until 2022.

2020 Ephemeris from astrodienst.com

Incoming collective & romantic breath of fresh ‘air’ ?

However, quarantine restrictions in most countries are slowly lifting. France is raising theirs tomorrow (11th May), some US states already have and my country follows suit on the 15th of May. Interestingly, on the 13th of May, Saturn is about to get some amped up help from the harmonious energy of their twin Air-sign counterpart, Gemini. If it already had the blessing of the nodal axis switching gears on the 6th of May (we moved from South Node in Capricorn – North Node in Cancer to South Node in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini), now Saturn receives some additional support in the act of dismantling our social fabric and rebuilding it. In this context of increased Air energy, Venus the planet of beauty and pleasure will move backwards through the sign it has been shining through since the 4th of April – that is the astrological sign of Duality, Miniature Love and Rebel Thinkers, Les Gemini 🙂

2020 Ephemeris from astrodienst.com

What this basically means is that the spotlight will be on Geminis for a while now, with both the planet of Love retrograding through their sign but also the infamous North Node – the head of the Dragon or Rahu in vedic astrology – which sucks all the energy in this direction, of quick, mental energy. So Geminis, if Pluto in Capricorn has been beating you down for a while now (much like poor Libras, who unfortunately and alike Geminis, square the energy of the Deviled Goat) then you can prepare now for a period of sweet bliss when all eyes will be on you! (rrrawww)

It is argued among astrologers whether a Venus retrograde is indeed a benefic energy to have in your natal chart. Some say it enhances love, money and beauty matters because it is more concentrated. Others disagree and think it is a period when beauty, money and love issue become temporarily important but they suffer as well. Overall, the advice says that during a Venus retro you should try not to cut your hair, do your nails or make any surgical enhancements to your body. But try saying this to a massively ungroomed population that is just emerging from quarantine 0_0 So by all intents and purposes we will all look rather comically during this time, if self-grooming hasn’t been mastered or out-of-the-home treatments were necessary.

However, the beauty of Air signs is that they love non-conformism and relying on science to redecorate, enhance or change their bodies. So this playful, experimental and wacky energy will seap into the collective thanks to Saturn’s harmonious influence to all this Gemini shabang, but also because Venus’s transit will square Neptune, the energy who permeates any type of boundary. With this tense aspect, and on a darker note, people should be aware that cosmetic treatments might infect them during this period, so my advice would be to self-groom or to put off any treatments until July or August. I know, it’s a lot of waiting we need to do this year, but it’s better than getting corona, when all you wanted to do was look your best.

On another note, I think this retrograde period which lasts up until 25th June, will bring back a lot of exes, old romantic flings, and some movement forward with that crush you had before quarantine. People will have love on the brain but they will also have to decide between their many options. Be aware that the truth can be easily bent during this time with our Sagittarius South Node leaning away from its search for meaning and truth and the square to hazy, elusive Neptune. I do see that many people might just want to have some sex – be it non-commital, emotionally detached or just for the sake of doing something to relieve the boredom (and for those that were lucky enough to experience boredom during their quarantines, rather than their financial situation coming apart).

Because Gemini is a dual sign, this retrograde energy plays out in two ways: On mostly a superficial level, ‘players’ (both male and female) might intensify, and some could potentially ‘earn their degrees’ in cheating and lying during this North Node in Gemini phase, as options will considerably multiply for many of us. So when ‘he’ or ‘she’ comes back with the most heartfelt apology and crying in a bouquet of roses that they want you back, make sure you see a copy of the signed divorce papers or vouch to come clean and check each other’s phone history 😉 Might seem excessive, but Saturn in Aquarius wants us to build a solid foundation in personal relationships, one that is built on trust and responsibility. Best approach is to be friends with your ex, before you share a quickie and then regret getting emotionally entangled. Both Aqua and Gemini hate emotional complications, so dear Water and Earth Signs guard your hearts and take it slowly during this time.

Photo from Unsplash

On a more spiritual level, Gemini represents The Lovers card in Tarot, which indicates a divinely guided Union with a kindred spirit, a like-minded soul that can join you on life’s biggest adventure: human intimacy. In relationships we grow the most, we learn the most and our brains develop the most. We come into this world deeply dependent on others for our survival and we learn the best when we socialize (babies need constant interaction to develop facial expressions and proper empathy and mindfulness skills that help them relate – as explained in Sue Gerhardt’s bestselling book ‘Why love matters’ from 2003). But relationships are also challenging emotional landscapes to handle. Not many can and not many do live up to this task. Gemini energy reminds us that infusing a relationship with humour might actually end up saving it. So again, some advice would be to not take yourself too seriously during this time, but take other’s intentions more seriously.

Moreover, a lot of us encountered a number of impediments for years now in genuinly establishing intimacy and being able to be open and vulnerable in personal relationships – this is partly as well because of Pluto’s transit in the ‘grin and bear it’ sign of Capricorn, the strict father, the stoic provider, who is all about the money and less about the heart. We had to focus on work and money just to make ends meet, and most of us are too tired by now to even muster up the energy to get out of the house, and not to mention to love. Especially, the signs of the heart, Cancer and Leo Suns have been tried a lot and still continue to be – it is a daily struggle for them to just keep being themselves, but there is comfort in knowing that the more Cancerian and Leonic you all remain (if you have these influences), the more resistance and courage you build in us all through the power of the personal example. So continue to do you, and encourage us to speak from our hearts, to stand-up and to argue with ‘the powers that be’ when these become abusive.

But where is the love (and the truth?)

During this ‘special time’ it’s really important to make sure that you get your information from reliable sources. Make sure that you find a reliable source of news or a scientific resource and stick to it (heck, even popularize it 😀 so we can all benefit!). Full disclosure: the only astrology site I trust at the moment is http://www.astrodienst.com. That is the place that I took the ephemerides which I used in this post to pinpoint the exact transits, and I also use these a lot in personal birth-chart readings.

Knowing your info counts in love matters as well – make sure that the information your receive regarding your crush/soulmate/love interest comes from a reliable and well-intended person, and not some trickster out to get you for being ‘an emotional fool’. The Gemini and Saggitarius Nodal Axis is the energy of suprises and pulling pranks, of testing to see how far will a little lie reach, or how much can gossip ruin somebody’s social reputation. The problem is that small lies tend to become big issues really quickly in the Age of Information.

In this current context, when Saturn in Aquarius is bringing spirituality and science at the forefront of our concerns, as sources to draw inspiration from during uncertain times it’s extra important to know your truth to prevent yourself from ‘falling flat on your face’ and believing others or something that doesn’t exist. Remember that Gemini is all about integrating light and dark, the wise man and the adolescent, masculinity and femininity, mocking others and mocking yourself and its traditional symbol is the sign of theatre: the ‘crying face and smiling face’. You might never know where you stand with so much Gemini energy, but it will be a fun ride that will enable you to develop your thinking.

However, beware of using only your mind. Trusting your gut and following your intuition become primordial in this period, since the responsibility for your choices would rather fall in your hands than in the hands of reckless and clownish social influences. Remember that most world leaders at the moment are Gemini Suns (Trump, Boris Johson and even the president of my country Johannis). So if in doubt, turn off the TV and detach from the mass of opinions flying around – choose to rest, retreat and create if you are able to. Use all that beautiful Neptune in Pisces mana to escape and entertain big time dreaming. In addition, this energy is facilitating a direct ‘telephone line’ to the Divine up until 2025, especially since the dreaming will be enhanced when Mars, the planet of action, enters Pisces on 14th May. Remarkably, in the Age of Science, some heartfelt praying will do wonders 😉

One final think I feel the need to mention is that my watershed thoughts on this topic, keep drifting to the following references. First of all, one of sociology’s greatest thinkers was Erving Goffman, a Gemini Sun himself. Inspired by Shakespeare among other things 🙂 he considered the world to be an improvisation, a personal theatre play, where each individual has a predetermined role and a social script to perform. He thought that we live our lives on the front stage (impressing others at work, standing out socially or struggling to do so in various social groups). To do so, we prepare for these public roles during our back stage lives (that intimate world populated with fears, doubts, mistakes and personal mess that is neatly covered up once the individual arrives ‘on stage’). I think Goffman’s thinking when applied to how we currently use social media, can be illuminating. So I would advise to keep this front stage – back stage dichotomy in mind when you lust after people’s glamoursly directed lives on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube – these lives aren’t as authentic as they seem, but we learned to expect and to demand this daily ‘performance’ as a ravenously consuming public (why else would the trend of thickly applied make-up transformations become so popular in the past years?).

By risking to sound a bit preachy, I think it’s important to remember that with Uranus in Taurus and Venus retro in Gemini it is better to accept yourself as you are and enjoy being humanly beautiful. Opt for fun and functional rather than gorgeous goddess in your ‘everyday presentation of yourself’ 🙂 – although it breaks my Piscean, fantasy-loving heart to write this but my Taurus Mars appreciates the simplicity. For example, the less make-up you use, the less clownish you risk looking, the better for the planet as well and for your skin. Face masks as well restrict lipstick-wearing during a post-quarantine landscape, and in spite of finding this a very sad outcome of the epidemic – because with my pale complexion, lipstick really made me look healthier – I’m growing to accept my palour and understanding that sunlight and vigorous exercise (whether through sport or sex) brings the same glowy-cheeked and rosy-lipped results, enhances my immunity and in the event of some climate crisis, will help me run fast and climb stuff more easily 😉

Finally, I’ll leave you with these two songs which resonate so much with the current energy (and also both of the lead singers of these two bands are Gemini Sun signs, Matt Belamy from Muse & Dave Bayley from Glass Animals)

To recap:

Venus retro into Gemini: 13th May – 25th May

South Node in Sagi & North Node in Gemini: 6th May 2020 – 19th January 2022

Mercury in Gemini retrogrades over Cancer: 18th June – 12th July

Saturn is in Aquarius until 7th March 2023

Pluto stays in Capricorn until 21st January 2024

With universal love,

Lexi <3

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