Hopeful & Creative Updates

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Hey crew ❤️

This is a post in which I will share with you some of the ideas and services I am working on at the moment. I hope this can help you and make you look forward to things during this rather bleak and boring period. Just as Grace Kelly whispered to James Stewart in Hitchcock’s Rear Windowthis is a preview of upcoming pleasures” :))

Anouk Aimee in ‘Otto e mezzo’ (1963)

The first good news is that I created a new service called ‘Quick Help from the Divine – A 3 Card Spread’ which is priced at only 5 pounds and is meant to be a quick and easy option for those of you who need some advice, healing and support during this period, but might struggle to purchase tarot readings. Please access my ‘Healing Services’ page for details.


The second good news is that I am diving deeper into lunar energy since I’ve been feeling too detached from it. This means that my schedule will be lunar: A) On each Full Moon I will organise a Live Session with you (aprox. 1 hour) to discuss the lunar energy and pull 1 tarot card to answer a question for each person (we did this back in February and it was such a good vibe) B) Then a week before each New Moon, I will be temporarily closing my personal services because I need to rest and study (High Priestress energy during the Dark Moon – the last one was so brutal that it reminded me of the need to be still during a low energy point)


The third aspect is that I aim to create one post a week and publish it on this site every weekend. I want to write about links between science, astrology, film and music just like before, but I aim to make my posts deep but also funny – so we’ll see how that goes..


The fourth aspect is that after ‘Heart to Heart’, I plan to create a new series called ‘Red Light Special’. I am slowly but surely receiving a number of new tarot decks which are a little bit more sexual and darkly themed. During the sickness I experienced this month, I realised once more that to do lightwork you need to shed light on the dark and I want to reclaim this mission. Also, on the 6th of May my North Node is entering the sexy, magical and spooky 8th house & I have Chiron placed there natally. So energetically there will be a focus in my life on helping others heal sexual & intimacy wounds (hopefully YouTube will allow me to create this so fingers crossed it will be uploaded :D) Don’t worry, there will be other career and life purpose readings as well 😉


The fifth aspect is that I created a new channel called ‘Spiritual Soulscapes’ where I will upload meditation videos. Thank you for the beautiful feedback on my voice ❤ Based on this, I decided to use my voice to help soothe you and do some deep unconscious work. Expect the first video in a couple of days, as I am learning to use Filmora 🙂


Finally, one of my crew members suggested I provide Spiritual Counselling Sessions and I like this idea since I can blend my psychological training with my tarot and astrology knowledge. These sessions are meant to be medium-depth conversations where I can help you with your spiritual journeys and dark knights of the soul, but I might need your feedback on what would be a fair pricing (please consider my time and energy) and the best mode of interaction (emails, Skype, other modalities – not open to phone conversations since I find these are too intimate). Please share any helpful suggestions, and let’s make this happen together 🙂


I feel very blessed that I am able to read tarot for you, interpret your birthcharts and create videos about all my wild ideas 🙂 I love you crew, stay blessed and let’s keep entertaining each other even in hard times!

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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