The Number 6, Distorting the Feminine & Venus-Pluto Aspects

Recently, I uncovered that 6 is an ideal number for your home, as it is represented by Venus. This was brought to my awareness only when I moved into my new flat, two weeks ago. Since then I find myself reflecting on 6, 66 and 666 as numbers which in the general unconscious represent the Devil, bad luck and unfortunate events, and yet numerology tells us they are deeply connected to Venusian energy.

How did we get it twisted for so many years in popular culture? I suspect Christianity has something to do with it, as with most things that supress the Divine feminine and have distorted how we understand femininity in two unimaginative and extreme polarities (either the Maddona or the Whore). Due to my sociological education and training as a feminist thinker, I am highly critical of the religious background I was born into, one that seems to continue to infiltrate common sense thinking and propagate the same tired clichees regarding what it means to be a man (i.e. built in the image of God) and a woman (the man’s so called subordinate, a mere ‘rib’).

Fortunately, some aspects of reality are far removed from popular thinking beliefs, as both men and women live their lives at varying degress of strength and capabilities and vulnerabilities, but these beliefs continue to hold water, and for some unreflective and unaware people, they continue to represent ‘The natural truth’. Life would be easier if there would be one obselete truth that we could all follow, but things don’t function so neatly in practice.

So, to counteract the trend of distorting femininity, I keep reflecting on Venus and the meaning of 666, and I find that this number represents nothing to fear and everything to consider. Since I moved into my 6-themed new home, I spontaneously created a shrine to Venus in my bathroom one night when I was feeling depleted of energy. I drank some beer and took a bubble bath. Slowly, I regained my energy, and got into a routine of self-care: eating well and drinking water, doing morning yoga, putting on make-up and feeling inspired to write and share ideas.

At the moment, I feel a very strong Venusian presence in my life, and I am not entirely sure if this came with the place or if I am entering a period of my life where with age came the wisdom to simply accept my femininity, to be kinder to myself as a woman and accept that it does not mean I am subordinate, just that society chooses to see me this way (and women, in general) . I like to live in this discrepancy between what I think and feel about my gender and what society tells me I should feel and think – it would be easier to give in and conform, but the cost is to live within a sado-masochistic relationship with myself, and I’ve decided to let go of pain in my life, so I no longer can support this mentality.

In addition, I do have Pluto in Scorpio in my first house, situated as well at 9 degrees (the number of completion, of finitude). Venus aspecting Pluto in a birthchart usually represent soft power under external duress. So thinking through how the current Venus influence is slowly washing over my intimidating Pluto exterior, inspired me to write this post.

To offer some guidance, if you have strong Venus-Pluto links in your chart, the combinations, can be the following:

  • a square (explosive sexual tension, the kind that builds up in time and one day finds an unexpecte outlet, also the person is perceived as sexual and lusty and attracts a lot of unsolicited sexual attention from others, heated arguments, power struggles)
  • an opposition (an aspects of imbalance and excess, either too much sex or too little, hiding or coming out, keeping secrets or overt power games, empowered through beauty or disempowered)
  • a trine or a sextile (harmonious aspects, they bring a lot of dignified sexual partners, tantric sex, being a really good secret keeper and confidant; if money is earned through sex there is a sense of quality and respect about it)
  • a conjunction – which works the same way as having Venus in Scorpio, since Pluto rules Scorpio – and makes the person a center for power and sexuality, for secrecy and smouldering good looks, imbues the native with strong intuition and keen analytical insights, as well. In my interpretation of this natal aspect, Venus-Pluto conjunctions are creators of sexual and healing karma, rather than karma receivers, which means they have a lot of power to change people’s lives.
The HBO show Westworld deals with the technological distortion of the feminine

One way to deal with this energy is to accept your vulnerability rather than act from a place of constant defense and embodying aggressive, macho power. This means that one could encounter violence in life and respond with soft power, by drawing from the power inherent in the feminine archetype.

Examples can be found in the amazing book of Leymah Gbowee, inspired by the events of the civil war in Libya, which details how groups of unarmed, vulnerable women of all ages, together with their children, used their vulnerability to counteract toxic, militant masculinities through comming together to pray and help each other. In one episode even, when threatened with sexual aggression from military men, Leymah described how she managed to disempower men by getting completely naked and oferring herself up, treating the sexual exchange not with fear but almost as a business exchange. When faced with this dignified surrender, men lost the capacity to draw pleasure from domination – which unconsciously lies at the root of sado-masochistic sex, the kind of sex that is used to control women’s bodies and is considered manly and normal in some cultures – and they gave up. By meeting this soft power, they felt momentarily emasculated and lost the incentive to gain power through exploiting others’ weaknesses. This brief episode reveals the dynamics of gender intimidation and offers a soft strategy of overcoming Venusian power challenges.

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The problem is not that women are the weaker sex, but that they are taught repeatedly to think they are weak, so that men psychologically can feel they are stronger by dominating them (this is what psychologists have coined as the ‘learned helplessness’ complex or in more popular terms, being a damsel in distress that needs a hero). This type of power dynamic brings nothing but tension between genders, and while it might lead to sex and procreation, it does not lead to fulfilling and respectful relationships where both partners can grow, because there is an imbalance of power which constantly has to be measured against our human worth and dignity. Releasing this tension means that women need to let go of ‘learned helplessness’ and the pervasive idea that they are weak and frail and thereby ‘feminine’ and men need to let of machismo, and the idea that they are real men if they drink hard, fuck hard and work hard. No. We all can drink, work and have sex, we can all build muscles and have feelings, we all eat and argue and cry and create.

Indeed, some do some of these things better than others, but gender does not have anything to do with it as much as we traditionally thought – it is just the ideas that we attach to gender and we believe to be ‘a natural & inalienable truth’ because thinking along such stiff lines gives most people comfort; these ingrained beliefs about femininity end up perpetuating a string of boring, unimaginative comments on women’s plight.

Yet we can do better, right? It’s 2020 and the gender revolution is still stalling – we can push it forward by giving up these antiquated beliefs ‘a man is…’ and ‘a woman…’ is. We are all people, with brains, hearts and bodies and we can begin to relate to each other from that perspective rather than primarily the center of our reproductive organs.

But let me stop preaching about gender and return to astrology. Individuals with strong Venus-Pluto aspects often exert a fascinating power of seduction over both genders, and project outwardly a strong androgynous look. Some examples include Kurt Cobain (Pluto in the first house, Venus conjunct Sun & opposite Pluto) or Wynona Ryder (Sun conjunct Venus in the sign ruled by Pluto, Scorpio):

So how is the number 6 then integrated with Venus-Pluto aspects? To sum up my initial analysis, I would say that in as much as individuals who have a Venus-Pluto imprint in their chart could live out soft power, and to experience moments of empowerement and disempowerement through money and sex in their personal relationships. They also have to negotiate trust to build strong intimacy with others with such placements. So, if Venus-Pluto people go through a life-long process of bringing to their conscious awareness more and more of their self-worth in the world, and this increases the more they can overcome their distorted self-image – which was distorted through personal and often sexual trauma – then I think the number 6 can also be reshaped and rescued into our collective awareness, since it carries Venusian energy and Pluto can purge her bad reputation throughout time and helps us collectively reappreciate the number 6.

The 6 can be transformed, or rather returned back to its original, pre-Christian meaning, from the number of the Devil to the number of Venus and Love. Numerology is useful and wonderful, because it does exactly this, it rescues the numbers 6, 66 and 666 from a dogmatic meaning to one purely focused on the vibration of the symbol. By stripping away the religiously uptight and judgemental understanding of Venus – seen as something ‘amoral’ because of her association with pleasure and prosperity – and by celebrating her as the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure once more, we could collectively learn to heal one aspect of the Divine Feminine and perhaps begin to value soft power again, to prize intuition together with courage, and strength together with vulnerability.

That is my hope.

With universal love,

Lexi <3

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