Pluto in the first House: Extremes of Power, Loving and Fearing

What do Britney Spears, Greta Garbo and Sharon Stone have in common aside from being world famous celebrities?

They all have Pluto in the first house, that harbinger of love-hate reactions from people, the ultimate “be genuine or perish” drill-sergeant. Pluto can be infuriatingly ‘take it or leave it’: one moment the person might be the most vulnerable, emotional, wearing their heart on their sleeves type of person, the next moment they will walk over you like a bull-dozer at the slightest hint of disapproval. Everything is judged in the light of their emotional temperature.

When Pluto is on the Ascendant, this manifests in the way the person perceives their immediate environment and their relationships, and when placed in the first house of the native, then Pluto is all about relentless self-analysis and boundless sensitivity which is cleverly masked under a poker-faced exterior; it’s all about becoming more aware of who they are by undergoing consecutive self-transformations. When things stagnate in personal relationships, there is usually an external conflict which challenges their ego, tests and then ‘destroys’ it only to bring out new facets of their personal power and charisma up from the deep unconscious. Their motto might be “I feel therefore I am…and If I can’t feel, I will transform”.

Pluto banner

These people are first feelers, and then thinkers.  

Because the intensity of their emotions is deeply connected to their identity – and they are clever enough to know that – they believe that if they allow others to see their emotional vulnerabilities, this will surely backfire and they might suffer from the things they fear the most: humiliation and lack of respect, usually through abuse. The irony of the situation is that the more they project this tough look and guard their feelings from others by repressing this energy, the more likely they are to be drawn into these kinds of scenarios of abuse and retaliation. It might not be through their own fault that they fall in such situations, it’s almost as if they have a knack for being in places at the wrong time as they are confronted with extreme situations which test their own power.

The key out of this dynamic, is a slow and constant release of their emotional energy: through work and communication, or even better through service for others (different from a Virgo’s detail-oriented service, Plutonians offer their own brand of strong and resilent support), through counseling and healing practices, through engaging in research and deep investigation of something they are passionate about, through falling in love and seeing a relationship through its commitment, or through handling people and situations that nobody else would handle.

Pluto in the first house people are good at being clinical psychologists or psychiatrists, surgeons, fire-fighters, ambulance drivers, morticians, prison guards and chemists, basically any situation which involves high doses of psychological stamina and self-control, which might make others (for example highly Venusian types) faint.

Whether they enjoy it or not, with Pluto in their first house (by birth-chart or by transit), people will face dramatic and intense situations in their lives. In a sense they need such episodes to help release this pent-up emotional energy. It’s not a coincidence that the Phoenix is the symbol of the highest manifestation of Pluto types, because these people symbolically need to burn with in the intensity of their emotions to literally be brought back to life again, and have their lust for life re-awakened.

If you happen to live next to such a person and they start to become unlike you know them: sleepy, subdued and evasive, then watch them closely because these all the symptoms of a 1st house Pluto person in mid-transformation. A considerable amount of time needs to pass in their lives until they wake up one day and decide to change everything…and because a Plutonian energy is not gentle but extreme, they will change everything in their lives which is no longer authentically supporting them. In this process, the highly intuitive Pluto person reaches a heightened level of awareness, aften breaking down the emotional wall created in a certain relationship: they either burn the bridge or rebuild from complete ashes, there are no in-betweens with this extreme sign.

In the best case, by pressing ‘a reinvention button’ and deciding to become somebody else, they might work towards being somebody even better than they were before, and their transformation benefits all those around them. In the worst case, a Pluto type that does not decide to change and sees no way of empowering themselves enough to overcome a difficult situation, will slowly self-destruct and drag everybody else around them down a spiral of addiction and self-inflicted pain.

On a superficial level, 1st house Pluto natives are highly magnetic, they exude an intensity which makes people clear the space around them, or literally experience almost physical reactions when near them. As a Yin-based energy they attract all types of people to them.

In women especially, this energy gives an incredibly alluring, sexy demeanor; this is the type of woman which everyone is seduced by, whether she puts effort into her looks and grooming or not. Bellow are some examples of attractive 1st house Pluto celebrities:

britney pluto

Britney is a Solar Sagittarian and her Pluto is in beauty-loving, peace-making Libra.


And so is Laetitia Casta’s Pluto complementing her Taurean Sun.


Aishwarya Rai’s Pluto, is in close vicinity to her Scorpio Sun below the ascendant.


And Charlize Theron’s Pluto too, forming a sextile (or beneficial aspect) to her Leo Sun.


Greta Garbo’s Pluto by contrast (and by generation) was in Gemini, and even more amazing she had Jupiter conjunct her Ascendant (all signs of widespread and enduring fame).

While growing up, the natives might have felt overwhelmed by the strong reactions from all those surrounding them; they might have felt powerless in defending themselves, or just simply wished they could be left alone to do some serious thinking and brooding (their minds tend to have this propensity especially, if the Moon or Mercury is aspected as well). However in time, they collect these freely-given reactions and responses to their way of being and are able to draw great power from that, regardless of whether these external social reactions were loving or hateful.

Even more so, from internalizing a lot of negativity, Plutonian people are amongst the very few natives who can transform this energy, cleanse it and bring a different understanding to it – they are natural survivors and their biggest gift is the capacity to transform their life and begin anew several times, throughout their life. And in this way, through their personal example they end up inspiring us all.

With universal love,

Lexi <3


8 thoughts on “Pluto in the first House: Extremes of Power, Loving and Fearing

  1. its like it was written purposely for just me. “While growing up, the natives might have felt overwhelmed by inadvertently creating strong reactions from all those surrounding them; they might have felt powerless in defending themselves, or just simply wished they could be left alone to do some serious thinking.” its true

  2. The part about a subdued, sleepy plutonium being mid-transformation is eye-opening for me.

    I noticed these traits in myself recently, I even got tests to see if anything was wrong with me (all good)…but now I see that there is a transformation under way.

    A few months back I wrote down the transformations that I’m going to be working towards.

    At the time, it seemed like just an exercise and I was going through the motions I half expected myself to just walk away from these goals but apparently Pluto’s power had other plans.

    This energizes me

  3. Thank you! I can relate so well with this article. I have Pluto conjunct Juniper, trine Venus and sextile Neptune in the first house

  4. Thank you! This is by far the best article I have read on Moon conjunct Saturn (McS) in Scorpio in the 8th house – intense and deep McS experience.

  5. Oh, sorry the above comment was meant for you article on Moon conjunct Saturn. Not sure what happened!

  6. Omg! this is truly what I’ve been looking for. I am a Pluto in scorpio and this just totally opened my eyes! I’m new to the whole birth chart study thing. I have been trying to go deeper in understanding my Pluto energy. You totally laid it down! Thank you so much!

  7. This is a very insightful take on Pluto in the 1st house: a natural survivor, extreme changes, feelers THEN thinkers, magnetic. Wouldn’t halfway be so much nicer sometimes?!?! But every time we try to find reasonable levels to stay at, others seem to shift things out of place for us – so extreme measures are sometimes the only options left for us; options that we truly believe in, anyway.
    We’re the ones that can walk on those hot coals, stand our ground no matter what – and mentally scream until the mountain crumbles, whatever the mountain may represent for us.
    Can’t say I particularly love having Pluto in the 1st house, but the power and perseverance inferred by this placement can be extremely useful tools in life. One major problem is that it’s not healthy to live on the edge all the time – but this placement kind of requires you to be ready for ANYTHING at any moment – like someone in battle. It can be very exhausting – and for those who live with us, too!! 😀

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